Mademoiselle et son Orchestre is a six piece band based in Beijing. They are the only group in China offering a unique repertoire of french songs. The band has played since 2004 throughout China in many events for the promotion of french culture. Their music is partly inspired by Gypsy Jazz; a style invented in France in the 1930s by Stefan Rappelli and Django Reinhardt. Using the Gypsy Jazz style, Mademoiselle et son Orchestre re-invents the classic songs by Piaf, Brassens, Gainsbourg, and many others. Their own tunes are spiced with humors and imaginative lyrics which bring the audience into the surreal dream world of Mademoiselle.

The founder of the band is Mademoiselle: Marie-Claude LeBel. She is a singer and songwriter from Quebec. She arrived in Beijing in 2002 and immediately delved into the circle of Chinese underground musicians. Without speaking a word of Chinese, she began to communicate through her accordion, participating in many jam sessions. She then founded the band Tripazia with a singer from Xian. In 2004 she created the band Panachee with Chinese and French musicians. Shortly after she began using the stage name Mademoiselle and started singing her own original material and jazz standards. She has participated in many music festivals, representing France for Europe Street and Extranvaganza festivals. She was a headliner for Ditan Music Festival in 2008, 09, 10, and 2011. She has also collaborated with famous Chinese artists such as Hao Yun (Universal), A Duo and Cao Fang (Modern Sky), Li Dong, both touring and doing studio work. In 2010 she played with the famous French singer Olivia Ruiz, who was on tour in China.

Mademoiselle et son Orchestre 是一个北京的六人组合乐队。他们演奏的曲目由经典的法语歌曲和自创作品组成,在中国独树一帜。过去的几年中,该乐队多次参加了在中国不同城市举办的促进法语和法国文化的活动。他们的音乐灵感在很大程度上来自于吉卜赛爵士音乐 ( jazz manouche)。 这一曲风于上世纪30年代诞生于法国,是由 Django Reinhardt和Stéphane Grappelli创立的音乐风格。正是在这一欢快曲风的基础上,Mademoiselle et son Orchestre重新演绎了Piaf, Brassens, Gainsbourg及其他著名歌手的很多经典之作。乐队的原创作品诙谐幽默,将听众们带到了 Mademoiselle令人惊奇的超现实世界。

乐队的创始人,Mademoiselle (Marie-Claude LeBel,玛丽卡) 是一名兼作词家、作曲家和歌手多重身份为一身的多才多艺的艺人。玛丽卡出生于魁北克的里穆斯基。2002年,她背井离乡来到北京后,立即加入了北京的地下音乐圈。当时的她还不会说中文,但她通过自己的嘴唇和手风琴在即兴音乐会上表达自己。之后,她与一名来自西安的歌手组建了 « Tripazia » 乐队。2004年,她与一些中国和法国的音乐家组建了 « Panachée » 乐队. 同样在2004年,Mademoiselle成立, 并致力于演绎法语歌曲。乐队演唱自己的原创作品及经典的法国歌曲。玛丽卡也多次在大型音乐节中演出,包括代表法国在朝阳公园欧洲音乐节(Europe Street)和朝阳公园Extravaganza音乐大汇演中演出,同时作为特别嘉宾为2008年至2010年的地坛音乐节做闭幕表演。这几年中,玛丽卡也为一些著名的中国流行歌手伴奏,包括环球唱片公司的郝云,摩登天空的阿朵和曹方,并跟随他们出席巡回演唱会和各种大型音乐节,如迷笛音乐节,草莓音乐节,摩登天空音乐节,爵士上海,石家庄啤酒节,青岛啤酒节,同时也参与了他们的专辑录制。2010年,玛丽卡还为著名法国歌手Olivia Ruiz 在其北京的演唱会上伴奏。
Bio of Mademoiselle et son Orchestre.

2004: First concert of Mademoiselle: Alliance Française de Pékin.

2005: Mademoiselle et son Orchestre was invited by the embassy to represent France at the Festival "Europe Street" of Beijing.

2006-2007: Mademoiselle tours Beijing universities for EDU-France. The universities include Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China Agricultural University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Central Institute of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Drama and University of International Business and Economics.

2007: Mademoiselle plays for French Music Day, French Cultural Center of Beijing, and Beaujolais Nouveau Day, French Cultural Center of Beijing.

2008: Mademoiselle participates in several programs on Chinese television CCTV and BTV. Mademoiselle participates in the Folk Music Festival Ditan Park, Beijing. The band also collaborated in a concert organized by the French Alliance of Dalian.

2009: Mademoiselle participates in "Extravaganza" festival in Chaoyang Park in Beijing, invited by the Service de coopération et d’action culturelle (SCAC), Ditan Music Festival, Beaujolais Nouveau, Tai Shan TV Show, and French food festival at Wang Fu Jing, Beijing.

2010: Mademoiselle and his Orchestra is headlines and closes the Music Festival Ditan Park. The group is also invited by Wuhan Campus France for a outdoor concert involving students and the French community in Wuhan. Mademoiselle et son Orchestre was chosen to be the opening concert of the French group "Java" in Beijing. The group gave two performances at the Universal Exhibition of Shanghai on the site of the European Union. The muscians have the chance to participate in an impromptu concert with the singer "M" in a bar in Beijing. Mademoiselle et son Orchestre records their first CD under the label Tree Music.

2011:Chao Yang music Festival in Beijing, Vietnam Tour; Mademoiselle plays in a few venues in Hanoi, with special guests Larent Maur on Harmonica and Emolie Calmé on flute. Folk music Festival in Dian. Daze Feast Festival Beijing. Alliances Françaises China Tour in Xian, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Jinan. Da Ming Gong intercultural music Festival in Xian. Horticultural week Festival in Xian.  France National Day Concert on July 14th for the French Embassy.

2012: Mademoiselle collaborate on an educational project with "Studio Nomade" and "Cabaret si on Chantait" by recording a song (La Chine aujourd'hui) written by chinese students from Alliance Française. French music national Day Concert .Québec national day in Beijing .  Mademoiselle perform for the agricultural technology exhibition at the National Exhibition Center, in the Capital of the biggest contry in the world!  Participation in the Folk Festival Ditan. Jazz festival's Chaoyang Park, Beijing.

Mademoiselle et son Orchestre乐队

2004 : Mademoiselle的首场音乐会在北京的法语文化中心(Alliance Française )举行。

2005 : Mademoiselle et son Orchestre受到法国大使馆的邀请,代表法国参加在北京举行的 朝阳公园欧洲音乐节(Europe Street )。

2006-2007 : 为EDU-France在北京高校进行巡回演唱会,其中包括人民大学,清华大学,北京理工大学,中国农业大学,北京师范大学,北京外国语大学,北京语言与文化大学,中央财经学院,中央美术学院,中央戏剧学院,和 对外经贸大学。

2007 : 参加在北京法国文化中心(Centre Culturel de Pékin)举办的音乐节,及新 Beaujolais葡萄酒节。

2008 : Mademoiselle 参与了中央电视台和北京电视台的多个节目录制。参加了北京的地坛公园民谣音乐节。参加了北京音乐节。并与大连的法语文化中心(Alliance Française )一起合作,共同举办了一场音乐会。

2009 : 受法国驻华使馆文化处的邀请,参加了在朝阳公园举行的 « Extravaganza » 音乐节。并在地坛音乐节,北京音乐节, 新 Beaujolais葡萄酒节,泰山电视台和王府井的法国美食节上表演。

2010 : Mademoiselle et son Orchestre为地坛公园音乐节做压轴表演。 乐队也受到武汉法国校园(Campus France)的邀请,为武汉的大学生和法国人进行了一场露天演出。为法国乐队« Java » 在北京的演唱会做开幕表演。
在上海世博会的欧盟馆进行了两场演出。 也有幸参与了法国著名歌手« M » 在北京的一个酒吧里进行的即兴表演。乐队为树音乐唱片公司录制自己的首张专辑。